Is there anything that you are unashamedly fannish about?

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Breaking Bad + Silhouettes

breaking bad   

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Michael Sheen: Hollywood’s Unlikely Heartthrob

“He’s very funny, like spit-out-your-drink funny. When you know him he is very handsome. He’s just got charm.” (x)

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Bill Masters + hands

This is sex in itself.

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Gravity (2013) - "Either I make it down there in one piece and I have one hell of a story to tell or I burn up in the next ten minutes. Either way, whichever way… no harm, no foul. Because either way, it will be one hell of a ride. I’m ready."

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twd meme: nine episodes → home(2/9)

the walking dead   home   

2x03 (x)



Get to know me meme - [4/10] favorite male characters: Iron Man.

I am Iron Man.

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